Project Updates

WPC_Tees Valley 1

Air Products Tees Valley 1 and Tees Valley 2 Projects. Westinghouse Plasma Gasifer installed at Tees Valley 1 Site.



Videos on Westinghouse Plasma Gasification Technology, project updates and interviews.

Demo Facility

WPC_Plasma Center

Westinghouse Plasma Corp. owns and operates a demonstration facility located near Madison, Pennsylvania, USA.


Latest News

At Westinghouse Plasma Corp (“WPC”), we are working to replace landfills with the most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable waste to energy solutions. WPC has created the industry leading plasma gasification technology converting a variety of waste into clean syngas. The syngas produced can be used for a variety of valuable energy outputs.

Westinghouse Plasma is the Next Generation of Waste to Energy Gasification Technology.

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